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December 2020

Sweet Peas

 We had just a tad bit of rain, so decided that this was the time to plant our Sweet pea seeds.
Directions from the seed company state: “In climates where freezing weather is not an issue, plant at the beginning of the rainy season”.
It was another beautiful December morning and we made quick work of sowing the five pounds of seeds on the up slope that borders La Novia Ave.
Keep your fingers crossed for a few more showers as the seeds develop roots and become a a colorful established addition to those plants
that return each year.

Sowers included:
 Yvonne L’Heureux, Peggy Byrnes,  JoAnn DeYonker, Pat Kenner, Nancy Cangiano, Dona Helmick, and Susan Kudsi,
         (as well as  Mary Crawford, Moselle Sukut, and Dale Palas, not photographed)

Nancy Cangiano

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